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Here at the Farm

Family owned farms have a greater stake in their livestock and their land. Our cattle are raised the “old fashioned way”. Born and raised here on the farm they spend every day of their life grazing on natural grass and an unlimited supply of fresh well water. This environment allows these animals to express their natural instinctive behaviors free to root and roam just as nature intended. The natural and humane living conditions here at the farm results in low stress levels and overall healthier animals eliminating the need for antibiotics or other drugs. The following list applies to every single cow that we raise:
  • Every cow is born and raised on our farm.
  • NO antibiotics......NEVER.
  • NO steroids……..NEVER.
  • NO hormones….. NEVER.
  • NO animal by-products……NEVER.
  • Cattle graze every day of their life on bermuda, fescue, rye, ryegrass and other native grasses.
  • Cattle supplemented with natural forage (hay) and natural grain to ensure a balanced diet.
  • Cattle treated humanely.
  • We never add any type of preservative or additives to our meat.
  • We never add any type of coloring to our meat.
  • Meat is vacuum sealed to ensure freshness and maintain flavor.
  • Our beef is "Certified SC Grown" by the South Carolina Department of Agriculture.
  • Northwest Meat Center is our processor of choice. This is a state inspected facility.

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